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What is a datafeed?

In order to list your products on ShopMania you must create and submit a product datafeed. A datafeed is a file in txt, CSV or XML format that contains detailed information about your products, such as: product name, price, category etc. The fields in a datafeed should be pipe - delimited (|), and the lines delimited by a new line (\n).

This is a standard formatting for a feed in txt and CSV:

category with full path | manufacturer | part number | merchant product code | product name | description | product URL | image URL | price | currency | shipping price | availability | GTIN (UPC/EAN/ISBN)

The following fields are mandatory: Category, MPC, Product name, Product URL, Image URL and Price. GTIN is also mandatory for books; in this case you should add the ISBN number. It is not enough to include these fields in your datafeed, but you must also make sure that the mandatory fields also include the correct information. Otherwise your feed may not be considered valid. However, for a correct product listing, we strongly recommend that you submit data for all the fields mentioned above and not only for the mandatory ones.

The fields inserted in the datafeed should contain the following data:

Field Description Example
Category Must contain your site’s category with the full path from the root category to the category where the products are listed.

Limit: 255 characters
Home Appliances > Small Personal Care Appliances > Shavers
Manufacturer The manufacturer’s name or brand of the product.

Limit: 100 characters
Model The manufacturer’s assigned part number for the product (MPN, EAN, UPC or ISBN).

Limit: 100 characters
For the Graphic Card Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce 210 512MB DDR2, the model is "GV-N210OC-512I"
Merchant Code A unique product code identifier by which the products are identified in your store. It’s recommended that the code does not change overtime.

Limit: 100 characters
12345, 12346, 123457
Product name The name of the product as it appears on your site.

Limit: 255 characters
Graphic card Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce 210 512MB
Product description The product description; do not use HTML tags, Javascript code, images or any other type of multimedia file.

Limit: 200 character
The digital camera D3100 takes great photos in dark conditions and is used primarily in the semi-professional industry.
Product URL The URL to the product page. http://example.com/view-product?prod-id=12345
Image URL The URL to the product’s main image. We recommend submitting a large size image with good quality that matches your product.
We do not allow any embedded information in the picture, such as watermark, logo or promotional text.
Product price The product price must include all the taxes, except for the shipping cost, which must be displayed in a separate field.
We do not allow prices that are available only for a specific customer category.
The price should not contain the currency: EUR
Currency The price currency. EUR
Shipping cost This is the product shipping cost. In order to display the shipping cost included in the feed you must check this option "Individual product shipping prices" in the Settings - Shipping settings section in your account. The shipping cost should be expressed in the same currency as the product price. The shipping cost must include all applicable taxes. Free shipping should be indicated by zero (0.00). 2.5
Availability Contains specifications regarding the availability of a product. The values accepted for this field are:
- In stock: Include this value if you are certain that it will ship (or be in-transit to the customer) in 3 business days or less. For example, if you have the item available in your warehouse.
- Available for order: Include this value if it will take 4 or more business days to ship it to the customer. For example, if you don’t have it in your warehouse at the moment, but are sure that it will arrive in the next few days. For unreleased products, use the value Preorder.
- Out of stock: You’re currently not accepting orders for this product.
- Preorder: You are taking orders for this product, but it’s not yet been released.

Note: If you use other values for the availability information in your feed, you need to access your ShopMania control panel and to match these values to the ones used in the ShopMania system.
In stock
GTIN (UPC/EAN/ISBN) The primary set of unique product identifiers are the Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), which include UPC - Universal Product Code, EAN - European Article Number (in Europe) and ISBN - International Standard Book Number.

These values are very important for matching users' queries to your products. It is mandatory to provide the ISBN for books. However we strongly recommend that you provide GTIN identifiers for all products, as this may become mandatory in the future.

Please find more information about GTIN on Wikipedia.
- UPC: a unique numerical identifier for commercial products that's usually associated with a barcode printed on retail merchandise;
12-digit number such as 001234567891
Please find more information about UPC on Wikipedia.

- EAN: a unique numerical identifier for commercial products that's usually associated with a barcode printed on retail merchandise;
13-digit number such as 1001234567891
Please find more information about EAN on Wikipedia.

- ISBN: a unique numerical identifier for commercial books that can be found on the back of the book along with the barcode;
10 or 13-digit number such as 0451524233
If you have both, only include 13-digit number;
Please find more information about ISBN on Wikipedia.

XML datafeeds

We can also process XML formatted datafeeds, if they contain at least the mandatory fields. You can define your own tags for the datafeed fields or you can use the ones from our example.

XML datafeed sample:

<Category>Computers - Monitors</Category>
<Manufacturer>Samsung</Manufacturer >
<Name>SyncMaster 206BW</Name>
<Description>Samsung 15.6" Widescreen LCD - 1360x768, 500... </Description>
<Availability>In stock</Availability>


- The product lines that do not contain correct data are automatically rejected. In your control panel in the "Products stats" section you can find all the details about the rejected fields;
- The missing fields must be separated by 2 consecutive characters. This is a feed sample without the Model field: category | manufacturer | | merchant code | product name | product description | product URL | image URL | price | currency | shipping cost
- The product description must not contain promotional language, price discounts, html tags, shipping costs or text in capital letters only;
- Before submitting your feed you must eliminate all the new lines or other characters that are used as column separators;
- The product category path should be complete: Category / Subcategory1 / Subcategory2. Example: Computers – Peripherals – Monitors. We allow only datafeeds that contain the website’s own product categories and not the categories from the ShopMania system;
- The image and product URLs should be complete and start with http://
- You need to clearly indicate the availability of an item on your store product page by either explicitly noting the status (In stock, Available for order, Out of stock, Preorder), or mention how many days it takes until the item ships. Items that are no longer sold have to be removed from the feed entirely.

Uploading the datafeed in your ShopMania account

You must log in to your ShopMania account and go to the Settings - Upload Settings section. Depending on your datafeed type, you must choose the upload method (auto or manual) and insert the URL to your feed for the automatic feeds or you must upload the datafeed for the manual method.

Upload methods

1. Auto – for the datafeed creation, ShopMania provides automatic datafeed scripts for the most popular ecommerce platforms: OSCommerce, OSCommerce v3, ZenCart, Virtuemart, Virtuemart 2, JoomShopping, phpShop, CSCart, CSCart 4, XCart, CubeCart, SunShop, OpenCart, PHPMass, OOS Shop, xtCommerce, Interspire, PrestaShop, Magento, Shop-Script, Shop-Script Premium, Creloaded, QuickCart, PinnacleCart, Ubercart, TomatoCart, eShop, ShopperPress, WP e-Commerce, WP e-Commerce 3.8, WP Online Store, WP Store, WP StoreBox, WooCommerce, LogiVert, INDIGO Shop, PHP + MySQL, ASP + MySQL.

For the websites that don’t use any of the platforms above, we provide PHP + MySQL, ASP + MySQL, ASP + SQLServer si ASP + MsAccess model scripts. These scripts must be customized by a programmer in order to match your website’s database.

Please click here for more details on how to install the datafeed scripts

2. Manual - it’s recommended that you insert 50 products in your feed. The feed must be updated each time there are prices or stock changes and at least every 30 days. Please note that, if you do not upload an updated datafile for more than 30 days, your product listing will be automatically suspended.

It takes between 1 and 3 working days for the datafeed to be approved and for the products to appear on the site. If you don’t receive any notification regarding the datafeed over a longer period of time, please contact us by email at support@shopmania.ie.

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