What are the requirements that my site has to meet in order to be listed on ShopMania?

In order to list your site on ShopMania you first have to register on the Join Merchant Program page.

Your store has to meet the following requirements in order to be approved:

- it has to be a completely functional online store - it should allow placing an order from the add-to-cart moment to the checkout process and it should be accessible to all visitors;
- the store has to be owned and operated by a legally registered company and the company data must be displayed on the website, alongside the contact details (company name, company registration number, address, telephone number and/or email address);
- the language used on the whole website must be the official language of the country where the website operates (and of the ShopMania website);
- the product prices must be displayed and available to all visitors, without requiring prior registration;
- the currency in which prices are displayed must be the official currency of the country where the website operates (and of the ShopMania website).

We reserve the right not to accept the following sites:

- duplicate stores (the same store in various versions);
- stores that do not have the presented products in stock;
- stores selling less than 5 products;
- stores that do not have an explicit policy regarding prices, shipping and returns;
- sites that do not comply with general standards of quality and usability;
- stores that do not have a sufficient online history (have been recently created).

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